We are OPEN. Seven days a week.
Please take a seat outside and wait for your order to be taken at the table.
ALL members of your party will need to scan the NHS test and trace barcode OR give your details to your server.
NO FOOD is being served at this time.
Guests MUST remain seated at all times, and maintain social distancing from members outside your household/bubble.
Access is only allowed inside to use the toilets.

Originally called the Kirk Sandall Hotel up until 1956/1957 when it became the Glassmaker,  it was erected by Pilkington’s glass manufacturers, of St. Helens, who had a large factory in Kirk Sandall. It was for their employees and to show off their glass. When it first opened in 1934 it was regarded as being years ahead of its time. One of the original windows was 20 x 10 feet and contained 98 panes of glass, with dogs representing various breeds having been cut into some panes. Inside there were glass panels, squares and shapes of many sizes and colours, some were very rare and one door was of armour-cast toughened glass. mirrored walls in one of the smaller rooms magically turned it into a vast auditorium where three or four people would be multiplied into hundreds.

Now called the Glasshouse is situated only a ten minute drive from Doncaster town centre. It not only takes pride in its great facilities and menu but also the welcome that you receive. It’s an ideal host for nearly all occasions with its multi purpose function room, The Pollitzer Suite, and Wi-Fi Internet capabilities.

Families are welcome.

We look forward to welcoming you in person.